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Annette Warham is an experienced Jeweller specializing in Designing, Stringing, Repairing & Restoring Beadwork, both Modern & Antique.

Annette’s Jewellery is all bead based and hand-made in London. 

She works with a variety of materials, from Black Diamonds, Gemstones & Glass Beads to Vintage Beads.

Colour and Form play a significant part in her timeless and elegant designs, with the character of the beads being at the forefront of the piece; the ultimate goal is to create Beautiful Jewellery that is made to the highest standard, but more importantly is designed to be worn any time, anywhere.

This extremely high standard of manufacture carries through both her freelance work and her own designs.

In 2019 She was honoured to become an Executive Committee Member on the Board of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths.

Annette Warham Jewellery is currently on sale via Etsy, Gill Wing and directly for special commissions.

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